This is a one-time purchase price. All future updates and new features are included free of charge.

Once you have purchased the app, you can also install it on your other supported Android devices (mobile/tablet) if you use the same Google account there or have Google family media library enabled.

If you have problems with the app or requests, please contact the support first by e-mail. You will usually receive a response within a few hours.\r\n

If you want to support the further development of the application, please rate the application if you are satisfied. Thanks a lot.

The app only needs to be purchased once and is then also available as a premium version on a device with the same account.

If this is not the case, please check the following:

  1. Is it the same App and the same store? (For example, the apps dream Player and dream Player for Android TV and dream Player for Fire TV are different apps and must be purchased separately)
  2. The Google Playstore caches information about purchases and is therefore partly outdated. In this case, please select the option "Delete data" under Settings - Apps - Google Playstore on the device on which the Premium Version is not available and reopen the Google Playstore. If the app was purchased via Inapp purchase, it may also be necessary to exit and restart the app or restart the device.

The app 'dream Player' is a separate app. But it integrates seamlessly into 'dream EPG' if it is set under Settings - Applications - Streaming Application.

If you have purchased 'dream EPG Premium', no ads will be shown when using the app from dream EPG Premium. Only if the app is used independently, you have to purchase it additionally.

The apps 'dream Player for Android TV' and 'dream Player for Fire TV' can be connected in the app 'dream EPG Premium' to start every channel and recording on the TV from the app.

To do so, open the app on Android TV/Fire TV and open the app 'dream EPG Premium' on your mobile/tablet. There under Settings - Administration - Connect Android/Fire TV and select the Android/Fire TV.

Now every channel stream can be started, e.g. select the Android/Fire TV in the "Streaming" section of the menu bar or choose a program and select "Play on TV" in the menu on the top right.

In addition every recording can be streamed. Select Recordings and choose the option "Play on TV" in the top right-hand menu.

If the apps are to be used independently on the Android TV / Fire TV, a separate license must be purchased.